Collection: Auxiliary heater for trucks and cars

With a truck heater, icy windows and limited visibility are a thing of the past. The heater ensures a pleasant temperature and clear windows when starting. It also protects your wallet and your vehicle's engine. We offer a selection of high-quality truck parking heaters for gasoline and diesel vehicles. Our petrol model is efficient and is also suitable for larger vehicles such as commercial vehicles, buses, vans and motorhomes.

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Advantages of an auxiliary heater
Types of parking heaters
Retrofit an auxiliary heater – we can help with the installation

a truck heater

Installing a truck auxiliary heater not only has a positive effect on comfort, but also on cost-effectiveness and operational safety.

Comfortable interior climate:An auxiliary heater makes it possible to preheat the interior of the truck before starting. This guarantees a pleasant vehicle climate, even when the outside temperatures are extremely low.

Frost protection:The truck auxiliary heater protects the engine and the vehicle from frost damage as it preheats the cooling system and prevents fluids from freezing.

Reducing cold start problems:Preheating the engine improves cold starting behavior, which can contribute to a longer engine life.

Energy efficiency:A truck heater is often more efficient than letting the engine warm up while idling, as it specifically warms the interior without making the engine work unnecessarily.

Fuel saving:By preheating the interior, the driver can avoid idling, which saves fuel and reduces wear.

Better working conditions:For professional drivers who spend a lot of time in the truck, a truck heater significantly improves working conditions by providing a comfortable environment in which to take breaks or rest periods.

Security:Clear visibility through de-iced windows and mirrors and a warmed interior contribute to driver safety by improving visibility and reducing fatigue.

of auxiliary heaters

In our shop we offer auxiliary heaters as air auxiliary heaters or water auxiliary heaters. While air heaters only warm the air in the interior, with a water heater the heat is transferred to the air and the cooling water of the vehicle, which is then distributed in the engine and via the fan. A water heater is therefore often installed in cars. As a truck auxiliary heater, we offer a petrol auxiliary heater or diesel auxiliary heater.

Truck heater
Retrofit – we help with installation

With our many years of experience and expertise as a truck workshop, we have the technical know-how to install an auxiliary heater precisely and 100% correctly in your truck. If you would like to retrofit your truck parking heater, your satisfaction and safety are our top priority. That's why we not only offer you professional installation, but also a comprehensive guarantee on our services. Rely on the fact that your truck auxiliary heater works properly and your vehicle is optimally upgraded. If you are interested, please make an appointment with our workshop in Duisburg.