Collection: Rear view camera for trucks, cars and motorhomes

Rearview cameras make your driving experience safer and more comfortable and are an essential accessory for trucks, cars and RVs. Our rear view cameras are available in different versions: wired or wireless models with or without a monitor.

More information about rear view cameras:

Advantages of a rear view camera
Types of rear cameras
Your advantages when installing the rear view camera in our workshop

Advantages of a rear view camera

Improved security:Rear view cameras help to capture blind spots behind and next to the vehicle and identify obstacles in good time. As a result, the use of a rear view camera significantly reduces the risk of accidents and collisions.

Easy and safe parking:Rearview cameras make it easier to park in tight spaces and maneuver in confusing environments.

Time saving:The use of a rear view camera reduces the time required when maneuvering. This is particularly advantageous in busy, urban areas.

Protection for pedestrians and cyclists:Rearview cameras help prevent accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists who are difficult to see in blind spots.

Legal regulations:Rear view cameras have been mandatory in trucks since 2022. Anyone who goes without a reversing camera and causes damage is 100 percent liable. By installing a rear view camera you are on the safe side.

Load security:Truck rearview cameras help ensure cargo safety. With the help of the rear view camera you can keep an eye on the loading area and easily check whether the load is properly secured.

Child and family friendly:Car rear-view cameras provide additional safety when parking in residential areas, in front of schools and in front of kindergartens, as they reduce the risk of accidents involving children playing.

Effortless Maneuverability:RV backup cameras allow for effortless maneuvering in tight camping or parking spaces and make reversing in unfamiliar surroundings easier.

Types of rear cameras

In our shop we offer both wireless and wired rear view cameras for trucks, cars and motorhomes. The wireless rear view cameras are available with or without a monitor and are equipped with wireless radio technology, which simplifies installation.

Our wired heavy-duty shutter rear view camera is robust and durable. It was designed for use in larger vehicles. The “shutter” function protects the camera from dirt, dust and moisture.

Your advantages when installing the rear view camera in our workshop

Have the rearview cameras installed or retrofitted by qualified professionals. This ensures that the camera is mounted correctly and securely without causing damage to the vehicle. We determine the optimal position for the camera to ensure the best view of the areas behind the vehicle. In addition, our professionals seamlessly integrate the rearview camera into your vehicle's electrical system, enabling smooth and safe functionality.

By installing reversing cameras in our workshop, we not only offer professional installation, but also a comprehensive service that significantly increases the safety and value of your vehicle.